Former Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears wide receiver Sam Hurd saw his career come to an end in December of 2011 after he was arrested for attempting to purchase a large amount of coke. Hurd was slapped with a 15-year prison sentence Wednesday (Nov. 13) evening, although his legal team is looking to fight back […]

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When you’re an athlete (or anyone with more than a little extra pocket change) having a good business manager is of the utmost importance.  Coming into a lot of money can be as much of a gift as a curse, and if you don’t believe us, take Vince Young, for example. The former Tennessee Titan […]

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It’s beginning to sound like Hurd was just playing football to cover up the drug money he was bringing in.  He was estimated to be bringing in $2 million per

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Current Chicago Bears & Former Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Sam Hurd has been arrested for attempting to obtain and distribute