Samuel Dubose

Ray Tensing, the former Cincinnati police officer who shot and killed Black motorist Samuel DuBose, will not undergo a third trial in the matter. The previous trials ended without decisions, with the most recent mistrial occurring this past June.

Ray Tensing, the former University of Cincinnati police officer that shot and killed 43-year-old Black man Samuel DuBose, had his bail set at $1 million by a Cincinnati judge earlier today. Tensing is the first officer in the city to face a murder charge while in the line of duty, this after he shot DuBose at […]

On July 19, Samuel Dubose’s name unfortunately became entered into the #BlackLivesMatter memorial when he was fatally shot in the head by University of Cincinnati police officer Ray Tensing after a traffic stop regarding a front license plate.

A traffic stop in Cincinnati over a missing front license plate has led to unarmed Black Man, Samuel Dubose, 43, to be fatally shot in the head by a police officer.