Scoop DeVille

Amid some serious accusations, Young Thug offers up a new track titled “Pacifier.”

Our eyes are on Vince Staples, as he’s in the conversation for potential breakout artists of 2014. To answer questions on why, the Los Angeles native debuts a track titled “Nate” from his upcoming Shyne Coldchain Vol. II LP.

No, Pac Div has not broken up. However, one of its members, Mibbs, is testing the solo waters by dropping a collaborative EP with producer Scoop DeVille called FREEBASS.

“What you think man, time to rob a bank,” goes the refrain on the chorus to this new Pac Div tune called “Bank.” Hey, it’s only entertainment folks. Like, Mibbs and Be Young spit verses vividly detailing bank heists over a brooding beat from producer Scoop Deville. The song is set to a appear on […]