As an artist in the industry, a person must constantly walk on egg shells to make sure that they don’t offend anyone.  In trying to sell product to the consumer, known as those that buy the music, it seems like they must appeal to all of his/her needs in order to make sure that their […]

In today’s Hip Hop game and in the overall mental scheme of African American males and their particular mentality, it has become more acceptable to come off as hard or maintain some type of thuggish nature. Emotions have become obsolete and almost devoid for some of the youth as many young Black men are unwilling […]

“I had to fight to get that on the album because I don’t think a lot of people at the label understood it.” No person can imagine the magnitude of emotion an artist will endure when he/she finds out that his/her album has been leaked.  In the case of D.C. rapper Wale, part of the […]