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In an exclusive interview with the team over at Bossip, Common discussed the Drake beef in a one-on-one with Ali. See what the Chi-town MC had to say about the beef, when it will end, and his advice for Drake.

Why Common Can’t Win His Beef With Drake   Let’s not kid ourselves here, Common can and will rap circles around Drake. In an even test of skills and a catalogue comparison, Common will always reign supreme over Drizzy and 99 percent of the rappers you listen to on a daily basis. From the minute […]

Is Rap Beef No Longer Necessary? [Editorial] Guest columnist Dart Adams contemplates about when and why rappers battling for their spots on the Hip-Hop map became passé.

Common Settles Rift with Maya Angelou, Gets at Drake Common has been busy today. In less than 24 hours he has baited Drake into battle and had Dr. Maya Angelou call him a genius.