southwest airlines

Apparently, a Southwest Airlines passenger tried to take the whole “mile high club” thing into the digital age and started AirDropping nude photos to unsuspecting recipients causing the pilot to have to issue a warning to the whole plane. Basically, it was the air traffic safety version of: “You kids better start behaving or I’m […]

Her bosom was a bit too out there for the airline attendants and she was made to cover up, which is kind of a shame.

It seems like airlines these days can’t escape the struggle, and now you can include Southwest Airlines to the mix. A fight broke out on a plane that just landed in California, leading to the arrest of one person.

When it comes to athletes and money, the two don’t always mix. As if the and trials of other NFL players like Terrell Owens wasn’t enough of a cautionary tale, former quarterback Vince Young has entered the pool of athletes going for broke, in a major way. The former quarterback blew through the guaranteed $26 […]

Fabolous & Meek Mill Take Over South Beach, Miami F-A-B-O and MMG’s rookie of the year Meek Mill hit the streets of Miami and shut down Club Dream on South Beach earlier this week. Meek Mill’s “Ima Boss” is one of the hottest rap songs in the streets right now. The video is proof of […]

As earlier reported the trial against Aubrey Louis Berry has begun as he has been charged with the murder of former Konvict Muzik rapper, Dolla. The trial has already shown conflicting stories in the murder and each side is trying to establish whether the shooter or the rapper incited the act. With prosecution opening the […]