Spazzes On Paparazzi

Kayne West has been noticeably friendlier with paparazzi lately. After giving a few French paps props, the prolific artist actually took the time to speak with some Los Angeles based shutterbugs about why he acted so erratically during at LAX, which led to an altercation that ultimately concluded with him facing criminal charges.

Paparazzi ranks high on Kanye West‘s list of dislikes. But during a trip to France over the weekend, he was a lot more accepting of local photogs than those in the states.

For all the talk of Kanye West having a bad temper, and a proficiency in Twitter slander, in this case he has a legitimate beef. Yeezy snapped on photographers last night that were snapping pics of him in his driveway at 4 a.m. Four in the morning b.