Steve Francis

One of the greatest mysteries is what in the hell happened to former NBA star Steve Francis. Recently, Steve Franchise said his drastic change in appearance was due to heavy drinking, not a drug problem. 


Steve Francis plead guilty to drunk driving back in November 2016. However, the former NBA All-Star finagles his way out of any jail time.

Steve Francis won’t be going to jail for breaking into someone’s BMW, in Florida. All the former NBA star has to do is stay out of trouble for a year and meet other court-mandated stipulations. 

Steve Francis continues to stack up as many L’s as possible before 2016 comes to its conclusion. The former NBA star’s divorce has been settled, but his now ex-wife, Shelby Francis, claims that he has a drug problem. 

The decline of Steve Francis has hit a new low. The former NBA All-Star turned himself in to police to face a burglary charge from earlier this year.

Former NBA player Steve Francis has a warrant out for his arrest for his connection to robbery in Florida, that he already admitted to.


The post-NBA life of Steve Francis continues to be one of acute struggle. Stevie Franchise got popped for driving under the influence—but he was rocking a $1M chain, though. 


Steve Francis was trending, and getting slandered, again this weekend when he was spotted court side at a Lakers vs. Rockets game. The speculation was that Stevie Franchise is on drugs, but he swears that is just not the case. 

This has become par for the course. Former NBA star Steve Francis‘ image is shown on TV, and the world (well, social media users) proceeds to slander him, questioning whether or not he has became a full blown crackhead, allegedly.

Rap-A-Lot CEO J. Prince recently played peer mediator for Steve Francis’ stolen chain and he’s set to tell the world exactly how he got it back.

Rap-A-Lot Records founder and CEO J. Prince commands respect in the streets and Hip-Hop circles. It was J. Prince who put word out that Steve Francis‘ stolen chain was to be returned, or there would be consequences and repercussions.

This time yesterday, footage of Steve Francis getting his chain snatched circulated the Internets. But a rep for the former NBA All-Star says “It’s in our possession in Houston.”