The New York Police Department has named Frank James, a 62-year-old with ties to Pennsylvania and Wisconsin as their main suspect in the brutal shooting attack on a subway train in Brooklyn that injured 29 people on Tuesday morning as a result of their ongoing investigation. They also cited James' posts on social media which included comments about NYC Mayor Adams and crime on the subways along with items of interest found at the scene and a vehicle James allegedly used.


The rush-hour commute in Brooklyn, New York was shattered Tuesday morning as law enforcement arrived at a subway station to find multiple people injured, with some suffering gunshot wounds. According to reports, the NYPD and FDNY also found undetonated explosive devices on the scene.


The NYPD announced the arrest of a suspect in an attack where a woman's face was smeared with feces as she waited for a train at a subway platform in the Bronx last week. Frank Abrokawa was apprehended for the attack on Monday, which took place at the Wakefield-East 241st Street station during rush hour, and was caught on camera.

Sometimes it pays to do the very least. One Subway restaurant employee says she was put on unpaid leave for fending off a would be robbery attempt.

A Black New York subway passenger shared details of an alleged vicious attack by a white man last Friday. In her account, the 57-year-old aide says that the man called her “Black b*tch” ahead of stabbing her, the injury which later collapsed her lung.

Stephanie Pazmino is behind bars after stabbing a transgender man in the arm and face on a New York subway car late Monday (Dec. 26) night. The man accused Pazmino of allegedly saying she didn’t want to sit next to a Black person after he offered her a seat.

A fellow inmate gave convicted child porn lover, Jared Fogle, a portion of the payback he deserves. Fogle, a former Subway spokesperson, caught a beatdown  from a 66-year-old man fed up with the number of child predators housed in his unit.

A registered sex offender who obviously shouldn’t be allowed in public, was arrested in New York City Friday (March 4) morning for exposing his genitals, and then rubbing them against an unsuspecting 26-year-old woman he followed onto a Subway train. Unbeknownst to Bronx resident Dawud McKelvin, cops reportedly saw him committing the crime.

Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years in his child porn case today (Nov. 19). The disgraced former Subway spokesman blamed his pedophilia on the diet that made him millions.

Jared Fogle, the pedophile who once made millions as a spokesperson for Subway, is begging for mercy in his child pornography case. Prosecutors want the maximum punishment, but he thinks a five-year sentence is more than enough punishment.

Gregory White probably regrets stretching his legs out on a New York City subway train on Thursday. After cops approached White for treating the MTA like his living room, a database scan of the man’s named linked him to a brutal January murder in Coney Island, Brooklyn.

Steven Esposito, a retired NYPD detective, allegedly flashed a woman and masturbated on a New York subway platform this past Monday, and reportedly pulled a gun on a man trying to take his photo. Esposito was arraigned on Wednesday on charges of public lewdness and menacing and later released without bail.