The relationship between African-Americans and police all across the country is definitely hemmoraging. Regardless, it still doesn’t excuse a loss of one’s bearing or misjudgement of crimes between justice.


A Metro-North train struck a vehicle and burst into flames killing several during rush hour in New York’s Westchester County, Tuesday (Feb. 3). Authorities say at least seven people are confirmed dead, including the driver of the SUV hit by the train. 


Yesterday’s high temperature in New York City was 48°F, but that didn’t stop one E Train subway rider from letting it all hang out in public.


Do you think everything is peachy in Brooklyn thanks to gentrification? On Tuesday (Feb. 26), a man in BK ordered a sandwich from Subway and proceeded to rob the establishment at box cutter point.


Police have identified the woman alleged to have pushed an unsuspecting victim off a Subway platform in Queens, New York, last week. Erika Menendez shoved Sunando Sen  to his death believing that he was Muslim or Hindu, a Queens district attorney said. Menendez  admitted to the crime, revealing her deep hatred for Muslims and Hindus […]


Naeem Davis, the suspect accused of pushing  a man off a Subway platform, is blaming the tragic incident on the victim. Davis was arraigned on a second-degree murder charge, in a New York City court Wednesday (Dec. 5) . 

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Jay-Z makes being famous look as effortless as his ability to switch rap flows at blazing speeds. Ever since his breakout solo record, Reasonable Doubt, to the mogul status he currently enjoys, the Brooklyn native is a rags-to-riches story for the ages. Along the way, Jay has been known to hobnob with white folks outside […]


New York City police have found the man believed to have pushed Ki-Suck Han off  a Subway platform, and to his death earlier in the week. Naeem Davis was questioned by police Tuesday (Dec. 4) over his role in the fatal incident which ended with Han being struck by an oncoming train.  “The individual we […]

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A father from Queens, N.Y. lost his life after being pushed off the Subway platform by another man, Monday (Dec. 3) afternoon. Ki Suk Han, was struck by an oncoming train after an unidentified suspect pushed him to his death at the Times Square station.

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President Obama addressed the nation Monday (Oct. 29), making it clear that his first priority is making sure people on the East Coast are safe. “Obviously, everyone is aware at this point that this is going to be a big and powerful storm,” he said from the White House press briefing room.