sweet pea

The ongoing buzz around the alleged assault of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones by a stripper named Sweet Pea has been debunked by a teammate who says he witnessed the whole thing. On his radio show, Bryant Mckinnie confirmed Sweet Pea did exchange words with someone outside a Washington nightclub but said a tipster got […]

On Monday (Sept. 23), news of Baltimore Ravens player Jacoby Jones and an alleged altercation with a stripper on a party bus in D.C. spread quickly. The woman, only known as Sweet Pea, has addressed the incident and said she was not responsible for striking Jones in the head with a bottle.

Professional athletes, alcohol, and strippers can either turn into an evening of good times or struggle. The Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones may know a bit about the latter, this after he was allegedly cracked in the head by a stripper named Sweet Pea over the weekend – and thanks to the Internets, photos of the supposedly […]