We’ve reached the end of July and August is just under way. The Summer is coming to an end but it doesn’t stop the new wave of hot underground & independent Hip-Hop albums from dropping at a high rate. The frequency with which more and more potential Album Of The Year contenders cross my desk […]

We have now officially reached the halfway point of 2013. Last week made us all relatively busy as Kanye West and J.Cole had people rushing to the store to buy their albums. This week didn’t feature a big event on the same level unless you count everyone going on and on about the TRACKLISTING of […]

Hello good readers, we’ve finally reached the end of April. It’s already sundress & cargo shorts season and Rap indie albums are beginning to drop more frequently than NBA players with season ending injuries. The drawback to having so many different digital avenues available and so many indie labels releasing quality music is it becomes […]