Tamika Mallory

Samaria Rice and Lisa Simpson are making it perfectly loud and clear. They are not here for any of the activists and people they feel are making a buck off their dead sons' names and Black pain.

Samaria Rice, the mother of slain boy Tamir Rice, reportedly criticized Tamika Mallory's showing in the performance but also others such as Ben Crump in recent posts.

If it walks and quacks like a duck; chances are that it is a duck. The same goes for bootlicking sellout.

According to published reports, the family of Breonna Taylor and the city reached a $12 million settlement in the wrongful death case six months after the 26-year old EMT was murdered in her home while she slept.

Until Freedom launched "BreonnaCon" event in an effort to bring awareness to Breonna Taylor's death by the hands of police brutality. Twitter wonders if they "memefied" the victim's death. Co-founder Tamika Mallory responds to clarify misinformation and criticism.

On Thursday (Jul 30), JW Lucas took to Twitter in a since-deleted tweet to call out those petitioning for the police officers who killed Taylor to brought to justice, alleging her death was a result of the "lifestyle that she chose to participate in," before adding bogus facts that police originally included in the warrant before admitting that they entered the wrong house.