Pop superstar Shakira will go to trial on allegations of tax fraud in Spain. A judge in a town outside of Barcelona, where the singer has lived extensively for years, approved the motion by prosecutors to proceed on Tuesday. The singer is accused of not paying 14 million euros in taxes over a two year period.


Waka Flocka Flame added himself to a growing list of rappers and entertainers who probably should hire a better accounting firm. The boisterous rapper is on the hook with the state of Georgia over an unpaid tax bill to the tune of $55,000.


Toni Braxton and her fiance Birdman are making plans to eventually join in matrimony but first, some financial housekeeping is going to have to take place. The R&B starlet has been slapped with a number of tax liens totally $750,000 in owed back taxes.

The U.S. Senate's GOP majority voted to overhaul the current tax code, giving Republicans and President Donald Trump a rare political victory.

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Chicago lawyer Gary Stern was slapped with an 18-month sentence after defrauding several current and former NFL players in a tax fraud scheme.


Todd Coontz, a former Charlotte, North Carolina preacher who mixed the gospel with financial advice for his flock, has been charged with several counts of federal tax fraud and evasion. Coontz attempted to write off a $1.5 million condo and a fleet of luxury vehicles off as business expenses, while also filing false tax returns.


The good news is rapper Eve is newly engaged. The bad news is that she owes the IRS $327,000 in back taxes.

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Lauryn Hill has a new explanation for why she didn’t pay taxes: slavery. A quote taken from inside the courtroom revealed the New Jersey native’s statement to the judge and from the sounds of it, Hill’s ancestors may be to blame.

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Rappers and tax issues go together like peanut butter and jelly, and Snoop Dogg is the latest in the long line of artists to lien with it and rock with it.