One of the most important shows to the culture is turning 30. The crew who provided us so many laughs and memories are reassembling to celebrate the occasion.

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Inside out suit blazers and Carlton dances might be back on the big screen very soon. A Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air remix is reportedly in the works.

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Tim Westwood dug in the archives for this clip of Will Smith, which dates back to European DJ’s ’80s late night TV show N-Sign Radio that broadcasted Fridays on the UK’s ITV Network. The footage stands at just over four minutes, showing The Fresh Prince pre-superstardom discussing how he connected with partner in crime DJ Jazzy Jeff.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff and Mick Boogie link up for the third installment of their Summertime series just in time for the warm weather. Intro’d by the one and only Fresh Prince Will Smith and presented by and Breezy Excursion, check out Summertime Vol. 3 down below. 

Any fan of Country Music knows that Toby Keith is no stranger to trouble. The country rock star is a living legend in the realm of blues infused guitar ballads and is known for his brash, “devil may care” attitude, but the same cannot be said for another music legend, Will Smith. Far removed from […]