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In light of Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and his anti-gay statements, it wouldn’t mark the first time a popular celebrity expressed a similar view. In fact, Robertson’s ill-timed comments places him in a varied group of public figures and entertainers who put their foots squarely in their mouths.

Fabolous switched up the flow in trailer for his Chris Brown-assisted single “Ready,” opting to cast a tall, slender model rather than your conventional video vixen. This gorgeous young woman’s name is Jessica White.

We’re halfway through Black History Month, and a day closer to the 85th annual Academy Awards, airing February 24. As we wait anxiously to see if nine-year-old Quvenzhané Wallis, will make Black history, by becoming the youngest person ever to win the Best Actress Oscar for her phenomenal portrayal of Hush Puppy in Beasts of the […]

Everybody has their boiling points, and with rappers, they are notoriously short.