The Tanning Effect

Steve Stoute Interviews With Gwyneth Paltrow Steve Stoute sits down with award winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow on another installment of his series “The Tanning of America.” A hip-hop aficionado herself, Paltrow speaks on watching the tanning effect permeate during her upbringing in Santa Monica. Gwyneth’s love for hip-hop is no secret, dating back to her […]

In the latest episode of the series “The Tanning Effect,” Pharrell speaks on his monumental career and some of his proudest moments. Discussing his work with Justin Timberlake, talking to Michael Jackson, and more. A 2003 survey that showed that 20 percent of the songs played on British radio and a staggering 43 percent of […]

In part 2 of his Huffington Post Black Voices series “The Tanning Effect,” Steve Stoute is speaking on a number of topics with Jay-Z. Included in that lineup is Jiggaman’s performance at the Glastonbury festival and his previous work with Pharrell Williams on the track “Change Clothes” that influenced people to stop wearing NBA jerseys. […]