The latest challenge that'll definitely baffle the old heads is the #tooloudchallenge, which features ladies making it clap and we shouldn't have to explain further than that.

Mehdi Hasan, the MSNBC anchor, and host of the Mehdi Hasan show on the Peacock network blasted the overall media reporting on Ukrainian refugees while appearing on the network on Sunday. He noted how there seemed to be more attention paid to them being more "civilized" than those refugees fleeing conflict from African and Middle Eastern nations.

The latest discussion that has the timeline in an uproar is a video of a woman pleasuring herself while attending a brunch event in Florida and Twitter is wholly disgusted.

After adult actress Alexis Texas was trending nationally on Twitter, folks followed the trend and swiftly realize they weren't going to be witnessing some thickly thorough cakes.

Kevin Gates has a whole lot of explaining to do. Footage of the rapper blowing an anonymous (so far) woman's back out has hit the Internets, and the consensus is that it's not his wife.

Antonio Brown‘s life is spiraling out of control. The currently unemployed star NFL receiver, and rapper, reportedly hurled a bag of dicks at his baby mama during a heat argumented at his Florida home, while the cops were there.

DaBaby was the talk of the town Saturday night after nude images allegedly featuring the rapper’s, ahem, “situation” went viral and inspired mountains of thirst. Now, an adult performer says that the image of the pipe that had Thirsty Twitter going crazy is actually his thus ruining a lot of fantasies on Sunday.

First A$AP Rocky’s sex tape hit the web. Then photos of  Steph Curry’s lightskint love noodle allegedly magically appeared, and now a video of DaBaby’s alleged baby arm is floating up and down Twitter timelines.


So, A$AP Rocky has a sex tape, and the reviews have been lackluster, for the most part. The Harlem rapper took to Twitter this afternoon to address the illicit porn that’s had everyone talking, and he didn’t exactly put a lid on the slander.

Casanova recently dropped off the Free At Last EP to the masses earlier this year and has aimed to drop videos for all tracks on the project. The latest is “Splash” which might not be fit for daytime viewing for some of our readers based on where you can find it.

College kids wilding the hell out during Spring Break is a storied tradition that should really come as no surprise. BUT what’s going on in the city of Rosarito, Mexico has Twitter utterly disgusted.