trayon christian

Trayon Christian, a young Black patron of the Barneys store in New York who claimed he was racially profiled for buying a high-end belt, has won a $45,000 from the city. Back in 2013, Christian, then a student at the New York City College of Technology, was stop-and-frisked after purchasing a belt for $349 by […]

The racial profiling scandal that has exploded in the last week regarding high-end department store Barneys culminated into a meeting with community leaders on Tuesday (Oct. 29). Rev. Al Sharpton and others met with the CEO of Barneys New York to discuss the accusations of black shoppers that claim the store unfairly targeted them because […]

New York suddenly has a list of “Shopping While Black” scandals unfolding. After high-end department Barneys was accused of racial profiling by a pair of young people, a rising Hollywood actor had a similar situation happen to him over the summer at Macy’s.

A Queens college student who purchased an expensive belt at New York’s high-end department store, Barneys, was cornered by undercover NYPD cops accusing the teen of fraud last spring. Trayon Christian claims in a lawsuit that the cops didn’t believe he could afford the $350 belt, and essentially profiled him because he is black.