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Anthony “Twilite Tone” Khan is an alien; equal parts eccentric, unassuming, prophetic, and speaking a music language far outside of the sonic stratosphere. He could boast about the credits on his resume (which most notably includes Common and Kanye West), but he’d rather not, because regardless of whom he’s creating for, the quality never falters.


When it comes to Chicago producers, Anthony “Twilite Tone” Khan is a legend. He’s the man responsible for crafting Common’s sound, producing the first three albums from the rapper, gave No ID his name, and produced for Kanye West.

“We know that we want to do some raw Hip Hop.  That’s exactly the direction and feel we want, so that’s the basis of it.  ‘Ye and I definitely know we want to do some pure Hip Hop.” As an artist continues to perfect their craft, it becomes a necessity to shed their skin a […]