voter suppression

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez questions whether Sen. Joe Manchin was paid off by Koch Brothers affiliated organizations to oppose a key voting rights legislation.

Sanders, a longtime political strategist, lends her energy and experience to help guide plans to push back against voter disenfranchisement and suppression.

Abrams is fed up after Kemp's "exact match" law put 53,000 voter registration applications on hold.

Karl Rove is slowly but surely losing his damn mind. The GOP political strategist who did a fine job of helping George W.  Bush get elected twice clearly just can’t fathom that Barack Obama was actually elected to a second term. Now he has gone as far as to say that the POTUS used a […]

Today is Election Day and as millions of Americans get ready to exercise their right to vote, some aren’t sure where to cast those ballots. To make it ultra easy, Google has added a quick answer application to specific searches related to finding a polling place.