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The NRA’s CEO Wayne LaPierre remained on the offensive against President Barack Obama’s gun control legislation in an appearance on FOX News Sunday this weekend. In a revealing moment of pushback, LaPierre got checked with criticism over a recent ad that involved President Obama’s daughters.

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Parents and family members of thoes killed in the shooting massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary gave emotional testimony Wednesday (Jan. 30), urging lawmakers to do something about gun control. During the hearing, held at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Conn., family members called for the banning of assault rifles, and stricter screening practices.

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Gun control is an important issue to Cory Booker. The Newark N.J., mayor appeared on ABC’s This Week, last week and made a heartfelt argument as to why the debate over gun control is non-existent. “I don’t know if anybody here has seen anybody shot. I have,” Booker said.


The National Rifle Association (NRA), America’s largest gun-rights group, had been preparing a press conference to the stirring events of Sandy Hook Elementary  which took place earlier today, after responding with an earlier written statement. Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre said today that American schoolteachers should have the right to stop future attacks by having […]