witness 9

George Zimmerman’s legal team did not want prosecutors to release allegations that he molested his younger relative. The victim, known as “Witness 9,” was interviewed by police two days after Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. In her account, she not only accused the 28-year-old of being racist, but opened up about alleged abuse, which started when […]

As expected, prosecutors released more testimony Monday (July 16), and it is perhaps the most damaging to George Zimmerman’s credibility. A  relative of the former neighborhood watch captain who accused him of being racist, has claimed that she was molested by the accused killer. The woman, only identified as “Witness 9” told police that she […]

A relative of George Zimmerman’s labeled him as harboring racial bias against Black people, reports TheGrio. A source told the website that prosecutors interviewed a woman who claimed that the 28-year-old was racist. The woman, labeled as “Witness 9” contacted police two days after Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. The woman called to speak with Officer Chris Serino, […]