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Rick Ross better tread lightly. A firestorm of criticism has been hurled Rozay’s way because of lyrics that condone date r@ping a woman. The MMG rapper apologized today via Twitter, while also promoting new music shortly thereafter. 

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It hasn’t been a good public relations year for Rick Ross and Lil Wayne, with both men under fire for lyrics that many say crossed the lines of decency. One radio station has responded to the popular rappers and their questionable output by pulling their music off the air.

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Ill-timed lyrics are nothing new in Hip-Hop, as evidenced by Lil Wayne’s feature on Future’s “Karate Chop” and that inappropriate Emmitt Till line. Today’s contestant in the questionable bars sweepstakes is Rick Ross, who crossed the line in alleging date-r*pe on Rocko’s latest single “YounEEnKnoIT.”