1st Day Buy: The Best 15 PlayStation 4 Launch Titles


Battlefield350 If you didn't catch last week's Gamescom press conference for Sony, then you missed one ...

If you didn't catch last week's Gamescom press conference for Sony, then you missed one of the best introductions to next-gen gaming you'll ever see. Don't fret though, gamers, as we have you locked and loaded with all the information you need.

The PlayStation 4 will be available here in the U.S. on November 15th, which is just in time for the holidays, and will drop 33 games. A mixture of first, third-party, indie, physical and digital titles will all be available by December. That's a healthy increase from back when the PlayStation 2 announced its batch of releases (29 to be exact).

With an impressive sum as we've seen from the launch of previous consoles, the PlayStation 4 is looking mighty strong in the much ballyhooed "console wars." As the final few months of 2013 look to be a high for video game fans both domestic and abroad, we've narrowed down the Top 15 Day One PlayStation 4 Launch Titles worth checking out.

Photo: Activision

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  • Orly

    You can't be serious.

  • janelle needs a meal

    This message is payed for by ps4

  • Tyquinn

    BF4 all day.

    • NarutoFriendOmoi

      I agree, I hope that they let us play as Chief Keef in GTAV. I will quit college if that happens.

    • NarutoFriendOmoi

      Oh my!! KILLZONE 4!!!!!! "DEATH TO THE ISA S*****" ---> ftw fvch the heavens:)

    • NarutoFriendOmoi

      don't know what you think, but I think dc universe is the worst ps4 launch title

  • NarutoFriendOmoi

    I am getting **********in's Creed 4, BFD, infamous Son, Knack, ... I mean basically everything! might cop a couple indie titles.

  • Bee

    The Division tho?

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