LeBron James definitely knows a fair share about Hip-Hop music, especially by being friends with Jay Z and Drake. The hoops superstar is using some of that knowledge in aiding the budding rap career of one of his close childhood friends.

To say Kevin Hart brings his distinctive personality to movie roles he choses would be a severe understatement. With the obviousness of his characters generally bringing comedic relief to the table, he also encompasses a sense of realism on the silver screen each and every time.

Part two of “Michael Jordan Uncensored” is here just days before NBA 2K14 releases on the next-gen Playstation and Xbox consoles. This time around the GOAT discusses his favorite signature kicks, his two favorite dunks, why he selected the number “23” and much more.

UPDATE: The video has been added below. This is a debate that will find no resolution, but is a prime example of the confidence of one Michael Jordan. According to Air Jordan himself, the NBA legend believes that in his prime he could beat LeBron James one-on-one, but Kobe Bryant would give him trouble for […]

A new year, and a new season, means a new version of video game franchise 2K Sports’ NBA basketball title. Today (August 28), we get the official trailer for NBA 2K14 that is sure to get gamers excited. 

If you didn’t catch last week’s Gamescom press conference for Sony, then you missed one of the best introductions to next-gen gaming you’ll ever see. Don’t fret though, gamers, as we have you locked and loaded with all the information you need.

The 2013 NBA Finals kicked off last night (sorry, Miami), but before the game started, video game fans got a treat. 2K Sports released the trailer for the new NBA 2K14 basketball video game, which features LeBron James on the cover.