If you’re basketball super fan and want to own a piece of history then you’re in luck. One of Michael Jordan’s most prized automobiles is about to hit the market.

One of the greatest athletes and cultural icons of all time has used the power of his global voice. #23 aka Michael Jordan is speaking out against racism and discrimination.

Tis the season to be giving and if you needed more reason to love NBA G.O.A.T. Michael Jordan, well, here you go.

The GOAT (debate your auntie) Michael Jordan used to be a mythical figure when it came to video games because he wasn’t in a lot of the NBA related games after Bulls vs. Blazers. Since his inclusion in games like NBA Street and NBA 2K, it would seem he is warming up to the medium and […]

That guy we laugh at for playing pick up games in full Michael Jordan attire just got laced with a box of goodies from His Airness himself.

Michael Jordan is giving away more money for the cause. The basketball legend and sneaker icon just dropped $5 million to help the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

You know ish is out of hand when even Michael Jordan has something to say about it. The notoriously neutral greatest of all time NBA basketball player is speaking up about the killing of African-Americans by police and putting his money behind his words, too. 

One of the greatest basketball players of all time can not take a joke. Michael Jordan is “not a fan” of the Jordan crying face meme that is spreading all over the internet.

Even in retirement Michael “Air” Jordan continues to prove that he will not lose. Forbes recently released their list of the worlds highest paid retired athletes and naturally at the top of list was none other than his Airness himself.

Michael Jordan has, perhaps unfairly, gained the reputation of being a curmudgeon and that stance was supported by a recent story shared by Queens veteran, N.O.R.E. While N.O.’s tale that His Airness hates all rappers save for Jay Z went viral, Jordan debunked all the chatter by way of an exclusive TMZ report.

The Michael Jordan crying face meme remains undefeated on these Internets when it comes to jokes and slander. It turns out Air Jordan himself has no problem with people using it, so long as you don’t try to make money off of it.