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One of the greatest basketball players of all time can not take a joke. Michael Jordan is “not a fan” of the Jordan crying face meme that is spreading all over the internet.

This is according to Jordan’s long time friend and former teammate Charles Oakley. TMZ caught up with the former NBA enforcer to ask him what what his legendary friend thought of his crying face being super imposed on everything from Cam Newton’s body to even his own handful of championship rings.

“He’s not a fan,” said Oakley. “Nah, he don’t like it.”

The crying face meme is a still from a rare moment in the Jordan legacy. During his 2009 induction into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Jordan broke down crying. But, after that brief moment of vulnerability, he went on to give perhaps one of the most petty acceptance speeches of all time, calling out former opponents for events that happened decades ago and even family members who “showed up out of nowhere.”

The crying face meme has not only become a viral sensation, but now it is garnering think pieces from The New Yorker magazine. The meme has become so popular that Jordan is reportedly monitoring the situation to make sure that no one makes money off it. Because you know, he’s not making enough money off selling sneakers.

Check out Oakley on the flip.

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