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To say Kevin Hart brings his distinctive personality to movie roles he choses would be a severe understatement. With the obviousness of his characters generally bringing comedic relief to the table, he also encompasses a sense of realism on the silver screen each and every time.

Which brings us to his new film Ride Along, co-starring Ice Cube. His character Ben Barber is a police detective hopeful whose small physique is balanced out by his street smarts and extensive knowledge of weaponry as a result of being a heavy video gamer.

The real life Kevin Hart is also an avid gamer and during the promo for the upcoming movie (in theaters January 17), he along with Universal Pictures, Konsole Kingz and Allied Integral Marketing hosted a unique event dubbed the Ride Along Xperience.

It pitted professional gamers and personalities such as Lil P-Nut (who also is featured in Ride Along), Barry Floyd (Tee-Tee from BET’s The Game) and Hip-Hop fashion innovator Karl Kani. Onlookers watched as Kevin Hart played NBA 2K14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, just like his on-screen persona.

Proceed to the gallery to see all the snapshots of the event.

Photo: Tyrin Ford

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