Ice Cube is absolutely dismantling Hollywood, the same way he used to the rap game when he first burst out of the gate. The Hip-Hop legend is currently promoting the story of his legendary start with Straight Outta Compton, but his next flick is already set in stone.


Numbers never tell any lies and the box-office and DVD tally from Kevin Hart and Ice Cube’s Ride Along all but automatically made it eligible for a sequel.

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Ice Cube found himself a victim of media misquotation when he jokingly told USA TODAY he and Ride Along co-star Kevin Hart were robbed at the recent 2014 Movie Awards.

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If you were one of the participants who helped Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s new movie, Ride Along vroom its way to a box-office record, you may have missed a key cameo just by reaching for some popcorn or casually blinking.


Now here’s some MLK news that the King family doesn’t have to be ashamed of. Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s new comedy/action flick, Ride Along has met the approval of critics and the people have spoken out as well, allowing it to break the MLK Weekend box-office record by nearly $2 million dollars.

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It is always commendable to see rappers get involved in a bit of acting but Ice Cube isn’t a rapper who acts. He’s a certified actor. Period.


To say Kevin Hart brings his distinctive personality to movie roles he choses would be a severe understatement. With the obviousness of his characters generally bringing comedic relief to the table, he also encompasses a sense of realism on the silver screen each and every time.

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Ice Cube has already started 2014 off in a major way. He’s currently promoting his new film Ride Along with his comedic co-star Kevin Hart and recently announced that fans of the rapping Ice Cube will also get their fix this year when his tenth solo studio album, Everythang’s Corrupt infiltrates music stores.

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Trying to pull off impromptu comedy is commendable in itself but when it actually proves successful, that’s when credit should really be given. If Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s upcoming flick, Ride Along is as remotely as entertaining as the skit they pulled off with Conan O’Brien, then moviegoers are in for a real treat.

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Ice Cube and Kevin Hart’s police comedy Ride Along   has received a release date. The project will open over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, in 2014.