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Last week, it was reported that Kanye West put hands on a man for allegedly assaulting his wife, but now it seems like Kanye not only hit the wrong guy, but his story might be totally off base.

According to TMZ, the man that allegedly got handsy with Kanye’s wife, Bianca Censori, is actually one-half of a set of twin brothers who are quite popular on the restaurant scene in Los Angeles. As it turns out, he wasn’t the twin who supposedly committed the offense that led to Kanye West punching him. Apparently, eyewitnesses who were at the Chateau Marmont hotel say that Kanye’s version of the incident isn’t what happened, and now they’re speaking up.

Per TMZ:

Here’s what our sources tell us about how this went down, from their perspective … a man accidentally bumped into Bianca in the hotel lobby, which they say was busy at the time. We’re told it happened quickly, and the man went on about his way.

The guy went outside and sat at a table with friends, and we’re told it was at that point Kanye approached them … to confront the man.

At this point, we’re told Kanye punched the guy in the face … but here’s the crazy part — we’re told he actually ended up punching the wrong dude — because he’s a freaking twin, and his brother was right there sitting with him as well. So, a mix-up.

Christ on crutches, Kanye. SMH.

The twins in question are Mark and Jonnie Houston who will no doubt be more well-known thanks to Kanye’s off-the-wall antics.

Now, with authorities looking to question Kanye about the incident, Yeezy seems to be evading them as his team insists that the twin (who didn’t get punched) grabbed on Bianca Censori, spun her around and blew kisses at her, which led to the physical altercation. According to Kanye’s team, “This was a physical, sexual assault and any attempt to undermine the seriousness of what happened is repellent and vile.”

No word on whether the twins will sue Kanye. We wouldn’t be surprised if it came to that as the man may not be a billionaire anymore but he’s definitely got more than a few millions in the stash.

What do y’all think about this entire incident? Is Kanye cappin’ or do y’all think he stood up for his wife? Let us know in the comments section below.