In its early stages Rap was largely populated by African-Americans. Over the years the game has seen all shades of races share the spotlight. All the while, some of our favorite MC’s have been the product of parents of differing races.

While not all have been upfront  about their mixed background, some have proudly flaunted their lineage through music, interviews, videos and social media. Maybe others were fearful of being ostracized? Regardless of what is truly flowing in their DNA, they should rest assured that all are welcomed.

So we present 10 rappers of mixed heritage in the following pages. Some should be common knowledge at this point and a couple might be unexpected—you’ll be surprised to find out who really has “Indian in their family.”

Not so coincidentally, check out The Swirl, a documentary by Moguldom Films that tackles this very topic. Learn more about The Swirl right here

Let us know who was the biggest shocker in the comments section below.


Fabolous in concert

Source: JLN Photography/ / WENN


Fabolous (African-American & Dominican)

Fab hasn’t had a long history of waving the Dominican flag but has since made it a point to vacay in D.R. rather frequently as shown in his tour vlogs.

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