Tyla, a South African singer known for the massive hit "Water" sparked a debate over the term coloured on X.


A$AP Rocky and his continued situation in Sweden has been noted by fellow rapper G-Eazy to have at the very least a tinge to do about the color of his skin. However, the A$AP Mob star has come out to say he doesn’t believe race is playing a factor regarding him still being jailed without […]


Heineken wanted to bring people with differing opinions together in an ad, and they got it right.


Zoe Saldana has made quite a name for herself, starring as aliens in the blockbusters Avatar and Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy but it appears those roles have messed up her eyes a bit. Saldana sat down for a recent interview regarding some details of her career in where she revealed that playing in sci-fi films […]


Twitter, especially the segment of the social media network better known as “Black Twitter,” has used the platform to collectively band together and address sensitive issues via clever hashtags. Over the course of the morning, the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin has exploded and the discussions sparked a necessary debate on race and the many nuances of being a person […]


Taye Diggs has a bi-racial son with Broadway star Idina Minzel that he doesn’t want to be identified only as a Black guy. The actor says labeling his child one race disregards his mother, who is of Eastern European descent.

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Jay Smooth is a renowned cultural commentator whose nuanced perspectives on race are always appreciated. He’s also a light-skinned Black guy. This caused supreme awkwardness when Nancy Giles from CBS Sunday Morning, a Black woman, mistook him for a white guy, on national television. 


Light Girls, an upcoming documentary that will examine the advantages and disadvantages of lighter-skinned Black people, will air in 2015. The project is a sequel to 2012’s Dark Girls documentary from filmmaker Bill Duke.


A University of Michigan fraternity is in hot water after sponsoring a WorldstarHipHop–themed party. Now, a fraternity member turned the blame towards blacks for overreacting to the party’s racially insensitive invite and expressed disappointment that the students are making it about race.

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In a recent interview with BET, J. Cole questioned whether he could have attained the same success if he was dark skinned. Before you berate the MC with slander, know that this hypothetical scenario came in the context of a conversation about Trayvon Martin, race in America, and colorism in the Black community.

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Previously, President Barack Obama delivered a measured statement the day after George Zimmerman was acquitted of murdering Trayvon Martin, calling for “calm reflection.” Today during a White House press briefing, Obama spoke candidly about the verdict, mentioning the reality of Black men being racially profiled, himself included. 

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The Internets was on fire yesterday (April 8) after country music star Brad Paisley dropped his new song “Accidental Racist,” featuring veteran rapper-actor LL Cool J. Paisley shared in an upcoming print interview why he decided to release the controversial track, although it appears the West Virginia native is not necessarily an expert on race […]