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A$AP Rocky and his continued situation in Sweden has been noted by fellow rapper G-Eazy to have at the very least a tinge to do about the color of his skin. However, the A$AP Mob star has come out to say he doesn’t believe race is playing a factor regarding him still being jailed without a charge, and we call BS.

TMZ reports:

A$AP’s been in jail going on 3 weeks and he hasn’t even been charged, and when that happens it will only be for aggravated assault … an assault that was provoked by the alleged victim.

That said, our A$AP sources say he has made it clear to all in contact with him … he doesn’t think he’s being held because he’s black. That’s consistently been his story.

Here’s the reality … if A$AP or his team DARED suggest he’s being held because he’s a black rapper, there would be hell to pay with the prosecutor and probably the judge as well. We’ve spoken with Swedish Embassy and other officials, and they’re all adamant … they do not discriminate. If foreigners suggested otherwise in court, our sources say it would be a disaster.

We’re told A$AP will be charged and will then face 6 years in prison. The best defense they got is provocation by the alleged victim.

As G-Eazy noted, he was arrested for drug possession and assault last year, getting a virtual slap on the wrist. Something is a little fishy about the A$AP Rocky matter, just wish we could put our finger on it.

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