Einar, birth name Nils Gronberg, was murdered in Stockholm and police are still on the lookout for the suspects.

2019 was a year of several ups and downs for A$AP Rocky. Pretty Flacko will soon have to face the country that almost ended his career and personal life.

A$AP Rocky is feeling beyond grateful these days. He let his fans know how fortunate he is to be a free man at a recent show.

A$AP Rocky is currently enjoying his newfound freedom after being detained for weeks in Sweden over a case that’s still pending a verdict. The A$AP Mob star made an appearance at Kanye West’s Sunday Service event as he gets reacquainted to being back on domestic soil.

A$AP Rocky is a free man for the time being, and he’s certainly soaking up the fresh air after being confined for weeks in a Swedish jail. Russian asset President Donald Trump is, of course, sticking his nose in the middle of the celebration with Rocky back on U.S. soil.

A$AP Rocky has concluded the second day of his ongoing trial in Sweden with testimony from himself and the alleged victim, Mustafa Jafari. New video evidence has also been produced, which shows one of Rocky’s bodyguards brutally choke-slamming Jafari.

Details surrounding A$AP Rocky‘s arrest continue to come out and it appears that one of his nicknames were used to confirm his identity. According to a reported, the A$AP Mob star told Swedish police that “Pretty Motherf*cker” is one of the names he goes by.

A$AP Rocky has been fighting for his freedom since being jailed in Sweden after an altercation with an overzealous fan. Now, the A$AP Mob star has been charged with criminal assault and faces up to two years in jail.

A$AP Rocky and his continued situation in Sweden has been noted by fellow rapper G-Eazy to have at the very least a tinge to do about the color of his skin. However, the A$AP Mob star has come out to say he doesn’t believe race is playing a factor regarding him still being jailed without […]

A$AP Rocky is still jailed despite details of his case getting the attention of Congress and even President Donald Trump. Bay Area rapper G-Eazy, a white man, was himself arrested in Sweden last year and says the treatment Rocky is suffering now is a result of racism.

A$AP Rocky is still jailed in Sweden and the best efforts of members of Congress along with supporters around the world have brought attention to his ordeal. However, a press release from Swedish officials stated that they wish to indict the rapper on criminal charges, but walked back that statement with an updated release.

Some pressure is now coming from members of Congress to gain freedom for imprisoned rapper A$AP Rocky, who is currently being held in Sweden. After reports went out that the A$AP Mob honcho was living under inhumane conditions, members of the Congressional Black Caucus are demanding his immediate release.