A$AP Rocky

The victim who A$AP Rocky has been alleged to have shot in Los Angeles last November has come forward to reveal themselves - and to declare that they're filing a civil lawsuit against the rapper. Terrell Ephron, aka A$AP Relli, claims that the suit is due to the incident causing “irreparable harm to his career in the entertainment industry”.

Jerrod Carmichael and A$AP Rocky might not seem to be the likeliest of friends, but that notion is quickly dashed after a recent chat between the pair was published. Carmichael and Rocky both dished on fashion, sexuality, their friendship, and much more.

First-time dad A$AP Rocky already knows how he wants to raise his newborn son and future children with his girlfriend, Rihanna.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are now the proud parents of a baby boy. Reportedly, the Bajan singer gave birth to the couple’s first child last week.


A$AP’s been one of New York’s most prominent artists for a while now but lately he’s been making more noise for being Rihanna’s baby daddy (don’t hate) and with that came all kinds of rumors and slander that one would expect from the hatin’ ass internets.


The authorities are saying they found multiple guns in A$AP Rocky's home during a search. The Harlem rapper is under investigation for his alleged involvement in a Hollywood shooting last year.

Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky has more pressing issues to worry about instead of unsubstantiated cheating rumors.

Nothing spreads faster than a lie or rumor on Twitter, so it should come as no surprise that rumblings of A$AP Rocky cheating on the "love of his life," Rihanna, have turned the social media world upside down.


Well, at least Eric Adams isn't trying to overturn a Presidential election to keep a blatantly racist orange man in the White House?

The Harlem rapper recently announced his foray into the spirits world with the launch of Mercer + Prince, a brand that displays Rocky's sharp eye for detail and should stand as a notable entry into the rye whisky space.

A$AP Rocky already put a bun in Rihanna's oven. Did he also put in a ring on that finger?

Nas' latest album, Magic, dropped late last year, but that doesn't mean he's stopped promoting the project. The Queensbridge rapper and mogul just release the visual for "Wave Gods" and it features A$AP Rocky, DJ Premier and Hit-Boy.