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Heineken wanted to bring people with differing opinions together in an ad, and they got it right.

Sometimes, all it takes is a beer.

Heineken put their beer to the test in a filmed experiment where they invited people with polar opposite opinions to literally build. First, each participant was interviewed about subjects that they have strong views about. One was a feminist, another was a chauvinist. One was transgender, another didn’t think they were “right.”  After that, the opposing people were introduced to each other without knowing how each other felt about the world. Then were instructed to unpack the materials for a makeshift table, while simultaneously unpacking themselves by talking about their background. Then they made to put together a bar and grab a beer.

But, before they were allowed to drink, the video of them spewing their views was shown on a projector. At that point, they were asked if they wanted to stay to discuss their views over a beer, or leave the room. The results were encouraging.

On top of that, they seemed realistic. As the video continues to circulate, people are comparing it directly to the tone deaf Pepsi commercial where Kendall Jenner saved the day and ended a conflict between protestors and police by handing out cans of soda.

Guess this is proof that when it comes to drinks, beer is better for you anyways.


Photo: Heineken Commercial screenshot