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Twitter, especially the segment of the social media network better known as “Black Twitter,” has used the platform to collectively band together and address sensitive issues via clever hashtags. Over the course of the morning, the hashtag #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin has exploded and the discussions sparked a necessary debate on race and the many nuances of being a person of color.

Although the hashtag was used briefly in 2015, @TheMelaninPlug reignited in the wee hours of the morning and it has since spawned nearly 20,000 tweets since going up. While humor and memes make up some of the discussion under the hashtag, there are also sharp critiques and serious themes shared in the same breath.

In the wake of the Orlando shooting tragedy in where Afghani-American man Omar Mateen opened fired in a nightclub over the weekend, the trending topic might have a sense of timeliness to it. But above all, the discussion rages on and continues to be both humorous and also a somber reminder that some of us endure far more than others due to the color of our skin.

Hit the following pages to see a few of the #GrowingUpWithBrownSkin tweets and follow this link to add your piece to the discussion.

Photo: Photo credit: Elvert Barnes via / CC BY

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