50 cent


By the grace of who knows, 50 Cent apologizes to Megan Thee Stallion for online troll during interview on 'Big Boy's Neighborhood.'

50 Cent's next Hollywood endeavor will pair him back up with Eminem. He confirms a television adaption of '8 Mile' is on the way. 

It seems Marquise Jackson might have inherited the petty gene from 50 Cent. He recently offered his dad $6,700 to spend 24 hours together. 

Just when you think 50 Cent is solely focused on television, he jumps back in his petty bag. Daphne Joy, his child’s mother, has responded to a wisecrack he made speculating she is Diddy’s new flame.


A plastic surgeon is about to learn that when you try to make a buck off of 50 Cent without his consent, he’s not taking it to the streets but rather to the court room.

50 Cent is taking his production talents elsewhere. He announced his deal with Starz is officially done.

It seems one of Hip-Hop’s most infamous beefs is back on. 50 Cent and The Game recently traded shots over the Super Bowl Halftime Show winning an Emmy Award.

It seems 50 Cent’s plant based beef with Lala Kent is a thing of the past. The reality television star and the rapper have been spotted being super friendly this week.

The legal and financial dispute between 50 Cent and former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is still going on. If you’re unfamiliar with the dispute, Buck has claimed that he had to file bankruptcy multiple times due to Fif’s business practices and, for the most part, 50 has responded by being petty and ridiculing Buck and […]

The struggle continues for Benzino with no foreseeable end in sight. He has responded to 50 Cent after the king of petty put his alleged romantic dealings with a transgender individual.

There seems to be no end to 50 Cent’s pettiness. All signs are pointing to him alleging that Young Buck is gay in a new social media post.