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50 Cent done did it now. After days of clowning P. Diddy for having his homes raided by the Department of Homeland Security for suspicion of sex trafficking, 50 Cent done went and woke up a sleeping dragon in one Steven Aaron Jordan aka “Stebie” J.

Yesterday (March 28), Stevie J took to social media to respond to a dig that 50 threw his way when Fiddy shared a post on his IG page which claimed that Diddy had videos of his Bad Boy producer engaging in sexual acts with another man. Though this is a weeks-old rumor that surfaced after Diddy was sued by Rodney “Lil Rod” Jones, 50 decided to share it now with a caption that read, “whoa say it ain’t so @hitmansteviej_1 WTF, this shit is a mess.”

Apparently, this was enough for Stevie J to take to social media and challenge 50 Cent to a fist fight. No, seriously. In a video that was circulating social media yesterday, Stevie J accused 50 Cent of being in his “feelings” about his baby mother, Daphne Joy, being down with the “gang” as she was named as one of Diddy’s paid sex workers after Lil Rod’s lawyer amended the original lawsuit.

After suggesting 50 Cent was “sucking” Lil Rod’s, well, rod, Stevie went on to say “However it go, I wanna shoot the fade ni**a. F*ck all that. Since it’s entertainment, let me beat the sh*t out of you on TV or something. Don’t duck that. I’m calling you out. What you wanna do, Curtis? Cuurtiiisss!”

Everyone involved in this is well over the age of 40-years-old by the way. Just wanted to throw that out there.

While 50 has yet to respond to Stevie J’s challenge, Stevie has to beware of 50’s pettiness. Don’t forget that his ex, Joseline Hernandez, is still out there and should 50 entice her with a big enough bag, he may get her to reiterate her claims that Stevie J goes both ways in the bedroom. You can’t put anything past 50. Just ask Ja Rule.

That being said, 50 did take some time to throw more shade at his baby mother as he reportedly sues her for sole custody of their son, following the allegation that she’s on Diddy’s payroll as a sex worker. Taking to his IG and X pages, 50 posted a pic of Daphne Joy with Diddy and in the caption wrote, “You moved a mile away in hopes of having another baby with me but I was busy. So you moved back and then you started receiving money from Brother Love. Now here we are, little sex worker.”

Again, the pettiness. Beware “Stebie” J for the Puerto Rican Princess might be lurking.

How this all ends is anyone’s guess, but it is pretty damn entertaining. Grown men acting like kids on social media is both hilarious and disappointing.

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