If you’re a fan of the 1995 classic comedy Friday, you’ve probably wondered why one of the film’s most notable stars, comedian Chris Tucker, who played the character “Smokey,” wasn’t in any of the sequels. Well, on Wednesday, legendary rapper and Friday creator Ice Cube said his piece on the subject after comedian Faizon Love, […]

According to Cube, production studio Warner Bros. is pumping the breaks on the success of his Friday franchise by refusing to produce any further content bearing the cult classic's name. On Friday (Feb 26), the "Good Day" rapper took to Instagram to air out the production house for "hi-jacking the happiness of the culture," after noting that the company has refused to make more sequels for the film.

You can always count on Killer Mike to share his honest and sometimes brutal political opinions.

On Monday (Nov 30), the west coast legend took to Twitter to share with fans what he's been working on during his sabbatical, noting that his reason for stepping back was to drown out the "noise" and "poison" with critics who felt that his approach was incorrect.

On Monday (Nov 2), while appearing at a campaign event for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in Pennsylvania, John Legend let all the Trump-supporting rappers know exactly how he felt about their endorsement. After performing “Glory” with Common at the event, the soul singer delivered a powerful speech denouncing Donald Trump’s “Platinum Plan” for Black Americans and its celebrity backers, including Ice Cube, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Lil Pump.

Ice Cube heart is in the right place, but his execution is the pure definition of struggle.

On Monday's (Oct. 26) episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers, AmberRuffin laid out on the table exactly what most African Americans in support of change were thinking. During the three and a half minute skit, you see Ruffin attempting to refrain from commenting on the subject of Ice Cube working with Trump, as Meyers discussed the headlines from the previous week stating that both 50 Cent and Ice Cube were either in support of Trump or working with him, stating that her comments would "go off the rails," before diving in and allowing her stance to be made clear.

Looks like Ice Cube's claims of the Biden campaign telling him to chill out was not the case at all.

“Burn Hollywood burn I smell a riot” Those are the lyrics that opened Public Enemy’s “Burn Hollywood Burn,, the first song that Ice Cube appeared on after he left NWA in 1990. Now as Minneapolis burns with protests following the tragic murder of George Floyd celebrities such as Lebron James, Beyonce, Barack Obama, John Boyega […]

The death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna was felt by many fans all over the world. While many are coming to terms with their untimely passing, West Coast Hip-Hop legend and Los Angeles native Ice Cube reflects on how he felt when the news hit and shares some advice for his fellow L.A. […]

First Damon Dash and now Ice Cube. The West Coast legend has recently shared that he too had a beef with Harvey Weinstein when making a movie with the fallen Hollywood huncho.

Ice Cube really has some passionate fans. Ahead of a weekend performance in California, a man trying to obtain tickets for the jam at will engaged in a shootout with police in anger and got taken down promptly.