One of Hip-Hop’s fashion pioneers is curating a love letter to his hometown. Karl Kani is bringing back his signature leather patch jacket as a tribute to Brooklyn.

Few brands can say with certainty that they were synonymous with Rap’s golden era. Karl Kani is taking his line back to his gritty roots.

Urban clothing legend Karl Kani gives a rare interview where he breaks down the events that saw his clothing empire take a hit in the 2000s.

To say Kevin Hart brings his distinctive personality to movie roles he choses would be a severe understatement. With the obviousness of his characters generally bringing comedic relief to the table, he also encompasses a sense of realism on the silver screen each and every time.

Before I continue this drop allow me to introduce myself to the unfamiliar. My name is Dallas Penn and I run one of the Internets many lifestyle centered weblogs under the same name. I’ve spent all of my adult life documenting my obsession for things made by Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland and Nike, just to […]