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Before I continue this drop allow me to introduce myself to the unfamiliar. My name is Dallas Penn and I run one of the Internets many lifestyle centered weblogs under the same name. I’ve spent all of my adult life documenting my obsession for things made by Polo Ralph Lauren, Timberland and Nike, just to name a small few.

The idea of making a list of the most Hip-Hop clothing brands isn’t to pass a nod to Karl Kani or Cross Colours, who were both influential in their own right but would fail to crack the top five of any list simply because they didn’t have the ability to stick around when the going got tough.

The key to being truly Hip-Hop is when a movement (brand) can survive the fickle whims of fans while still evolving and creating new designs and paradigms. No clothing brand has done this better than Ralph Lauren’s POLO label which after 25 years in my personal collection has still not been diminished.

We all know POLO is at the top, but I’d like to give you nine other movements, and their respective clothing brands, which are Hip-Hop for their efforts.

Click on the #s below to take a trip through Hip-Hop’s obsession with fresh gear.

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