soulja boy

Soulja Boy is not cutting Kanye West any breaks. Big Draco’s online assault on Yeezy continues to heat up.

It seems like Soulja Boy has some explaining to do. A former employee of his is now accusing him of some slimy behavior.

While some are taking to social media to share their preventative measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, Soulja Boy is cashing in with his latest investment.

soulja boy

Not too long ago Soulja Boy found himself the victim of a home robbery while he was locked up for violating his parole. While the thieves were dumb enough to actually stream the robbery on Soulja’s own phone (no password lock?), what’s crazier is that it was apparently an inside job.

Even though some of his Rap peers have folded and started wearing Gucci again Soulja Boy is staying ten toes down on the boycott. At a recent performance he told the company exactly how he felt and then some.

Gucci is going to learn today. Several rappers have decided to put their money where their mouth is and shun the brand.

It seems everyday we get more receipts about Soulja Boy’s influence. 50 Cent has admitted he too took some of his swag.

Drake might not speak much but his moves on social media certainly do. The 6 God hit the button on a couple of your favorite stars last week for the good and the bad.

Soulja Boy’s road to video game greatness has hit another snag. King Draco made the claim that his next “console” will have the addictive game Fortnite on it. The game’s developer says that is not happening.

We have no clue what Soulja Boy and his Gucci headband is on a press run for, but these interviews are becoming instant classics. Thursday (January 17) Big Draco stopped by Complex’s debate show Everyday Struggle, and it was… a struggle a hilarious one at that.