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Boosie Badazz Ridiculously Accuses Lil Nas X of Online Bullying

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

Lil Nas X lives rent-free in the mind of the Boosie Badazz.

The one-sided beef between Boosie and Lil Nas X continues. Speaking with his favorite op, VLADTV, Boosie claimed that the “Old Town Road” rapper is bullying him and ridiculously claimed that Lil Nas X is able to say things like “f*ck yo kids” without having to worry about repercussions because he is gay.

Boosie was asked if he would care if Lil Nas X took his own life? Boosie responded by saying he wouldn’t really care.

“I probably would, but I probably wouldn’t give too much f*cks about him,” Boosie said. “He said f*ck my kids. He said f*ck all y’all kids. So, everybody that’s really chestin’ up for Nas, he said f*ck yo kids. That’ why I be like—he said f*ck yo kids, so, it’s another thing with, you know, the bullying sh*t. It’s the bullying sh*t.”

Boosie’s latest comments came after engaging in a social media sparring session after Lil Nas X brilliantly trolled him joking that he and Louisana rapper would be collaborating on a new song. Boosie responded with a homophobic rant telling Lil Nas X to kill himself.

“U a whole b*tch playing with a gangsta…u can keep sucking d*ck n gettin f–ed n your a** n peace,” Boosie wrote in a tweet that was later removed by Twitter back in October.

“N #uhateyourself I would too if I was you lol.” He continued in a follow-up response. “If you #commitsuicide you would do this world a huge favor,” he added. “Nobody wants u here.”

Boosie even staged a confrontation with an alleged Lil Nas X fan recently, for whatever reason, only making himself look even more ridiculous in this situation.

If you got 2-minutes of your day you’re willing to waste, you can watch the interview below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty