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Lil Nas X is putting on a master class when it comes to album promotion.

Lil Nas X teased that he would appear on The Maury Show, the long-running mess of a daytime television talk show. Many people believed his appearance on the talk show was going to be another innovative music video. Instead, it was an actual episode of The Maury Show full of all the shenanigans we have come to expect from the talk show.

Before the airing of the episode o Wednesday (Nov.17), we know Montero (Lil Nas X) falls in love with Yai, who he meets at football practice. The love quickly dies when Montero shows up at Yai’s house with a bouquet of red roses only to learn the object of his affection is married to a woman named Ashley and has a child. A heartbroken Montero heads home to drink his pain and eventually passes and has a dream sequence involving Billy Porter. This all takes place in the visual for “Thats What I Want.”

Flash forward to the “most scandalous” episode of Maury every. That’s the talk show host’s words, not ours. We see the fictitious love triangle take shape on national television. Like every other episode of The Maury Show that primarily features people sharing their drama with Maury, Montero tells him what is going on before the other guests make their way to the stage.

“I feel like a damn fool for falling for this man,” Montero confesses to Maury. Ashley, who thinks she is only on the show for a paternity test, has no clue about the affair between her son’s father and Montero. Yai wants to have his cake and eat it, too, confesses his love for Montero while hilariously telling Ashley, “Let’s make another baby!”

As expected, once Ashley joins Montero and Maury on stage, all hell breaks loose. Montero tells Ashley about the affair and says Noah, the couple’s son is not Yai’s. Ashley is stunned to see Yai side with Montero, just like o the show security donning face masks hop on the stage to break up a potential fight.

But wait, of course, there is more.

In a typical Maury Show style, we learn that Yai is not Noah’s father and proposes to Montero, but that goes left when he admits to cheating on Montero with ten other people. Montero, visibly upset, takes off running to the back with Yai following behind, begging for forgiveness.

Well done, Lil Nas X.

You can watch the special Maury Show below.

Photo: Stefanie Keenan / Getty