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East Forsyth High School in Gainesville, Ga.

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A white Georgia high school principal is under fire after being caught on camera using the n-word while trying to explain the harm of racial slurs to a white student. He apparently didn’t realize the student was recording him, but that’s only a legitimate excuse if you’re of the opinion that racial slurs are OK so long as they aren’t documented. (If a racist drops the n-word in the forest and nobody hears it, does it make a bigoted sound? HELL YES, IT DOES! TF?)

According to NBC News, Jeff Cheney, the principal of East Forsyth High School in Gainesville, was reprimanding the white student in front of two other staff members, according to a statement by Forsyth County Schools. Apparently, the white student had called him a “cracker.”

“What am I calling you that is so bad?” the student is heard asking in the video.

“Cracker. Cracker is slang for white and it’s the antonym to n****r, which is a very offensive comment, right?,” Cheney responded. “So it’s almost like saying that to a white person.”

OK, I’m not going to bother getting into a whole thing about how the two slurs aren’t the same due to a glaring difference in history and power dynamics, I’m just going to ask a simple question: Why are we even in this? 

A Black student didn’t call Cheney a cracker. Why is he even dropping the n-bomb while lecturing the white student about his use of the word?

“He immediately recognized his mistakes in comparing the two words and using the full N-word,” the district’s statement said. “Mr. Cheney contacted the district office and met with the parents of the student to disclose this information, apologize, and commit to rectifying these mistakes in the future.”

The district also said that the goal of Cheney meeting with the student’s parents “was for the student to understand that we must all be sensitive and respectful to others.”

“The student recorded the meeting without informing the three adults,” the statement continued.

All I want to know is if I can say the c-word if I don’t use the hard R. (I’m joking—kind of.)