Actor Bryan Cranston broke down why he views the slogan "Make America Great Again" championed by former President Donald Trump in 2016 can be considered racist in a recent interview. He also defended the need for critical race theory to be taught in schools.


Newspapers around the country have dropped the "Dlibert" cartoon after its creator, Scott Adams, issued highly racist comments about white people needing to "get the hell away from Black people" in a live stream last week. Elon Musk would write that the "media is racist" on Twitter on Saturday in response to the backlash from the newspapers.

Apparently, comedian, actor, and former Richard Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein is still pressed about Quaker Oats updating the historically racist Aunt Jemima brand and replacing it with a racially neutral and far less mammy-era-inspired brand, because conservative white people in America just really love their anti-Black nostalgia despite their insistence that America was not founded […]

FOX News is all but confirmed as an alleged propaganda network. Not that anyone should be surprised, but recently revealed court documents show that the network’s anchors knew guests like Rudy Giuliani were spreading lies, and they continued to hand them megaphones anyway.


The food company Aramark is under fire after students at a school in New York spoke out about being served chicken, waffles and watermelon on the first day of Black History Month. The principal of Nyack Middle School wrote a letter to parents apologizing for the incident, and a spokesperson from Aramark issued a public statement of apology shortly afterward.


Andre Channel and his family are speaking out about their next-door neighbor in an Oregon suburb who targeted them with a racist slur painted on their own home. The family feels that they are not safe as it's the latest incident of the neighbor's increasingly unstable behavior.

New York public school districts have just been informed that their mascots featuring Native American caricatures will no longer fly and that they must replace said mascots with something less racist or risk losing state funding, according to the New York State Department of Education.

Sophia Rosing, the University of Kentucky student caught on camera attacking Black student Kylah Spring, has been banned from the school.

A Columbus County, North Carolina, sheriff—who was caught on tape saying he’s “sick of these Black bastards,” in reference to Black law enforcement officials (among a slew of other blatantly racist statements)—resigned from his job during a hearing that would have decided whether he was going to get the boot anyway.

When Stranger Things was released to Netflix in 2016, the sci-fi show had viewers in a chokehold. The series, which centered around young teens and their journey through a mysterious underworld, was an instant hit. But, for one star, even at 14 years old, he knew that his experience wasn’t the same as his co-stars.

A white Georgia high school principal is under fire after being caught on camera using the n-word while trying to explain the harm of racial slurs to a white student. He apparently didn’t realize the student was recording him, but that’s only a legitimate excuse if you’re of the opinion that racial slurs are OK […]

Racism has found its way into the fictional Lord of The Ring's world of Middle-Earth.