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It would be a falsehood to say all eyes weren’t always fixated on the relationship of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys waiting for something juicy to happen.

Gossipmongers almost got their wish when the platinum producer was spotted telling a relatively attractive female fitness trainer to check her direct messages on Instagram.

Lita Lewis has been making a name for herself in the exercise world and apparently Swizz has taken notice. But as it was revealed by the man himself, their private convo was nothing more than an attempt to utilize her services for his wife.

Swizz posted the DM’s himself along with the following statement:

It’s sad that I have to take away from my school work to clear this up. For all the blogs that are trying to make a issue out of me DM’ing a trainer FYI it was for my Wife!!!! Please keep that negativity to your negative self thx! I sure did not see you post about me getting a street after me or getting accepted to Harvard!!

Obviously he’s not referring to Hip-Hop Wired or Bossip because we are pro-Swizz yet there are plenty of sites out there that prey on the potential struggle of every celebrity couple out there.

Thumb through the galley to see the pics of the alleged convo as well as Lita’s statement on the matter and formulate your opinion if the musician was trying to cover his trail or innocent as charged.

H/T: Ice Cream Convos

Photos: Instagram/Swizz Beatz, FollowTheLita, Andres Otero, Adriana M. Barraza, Derrick Salters/

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