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CNN and HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill has shown love to Outkast in times past, but he also publicly questioned Big Boi’s skill level compared to Andre 3000. Those thoughts eventually caught up with Hill after Big Boi called him the “B-Word” while at the BET Experience at L.A. Live this weekend.

The feud was sparked weeks ago when Hill crafted a segment asking if Big Boi was Chris Bosh to Andre 3000’s LeBron James. Hill continued his bashing of Daddy Fat Sax via Twitter, which prompted the insult from the stage during Big Boi’s solo portion of the group’s set. Hill reacted to the barb on his Twitter timeline, seemingly angered that the word was uttered at him in front of his daughter.

“So Big Boi is doing his solo set now. This is where the homie @bomani_jones turns up… and I check my email,” tweeted Hill. Big Boi’s people must have seen the tweet because following that Hill wrote, “Big Boi just called me a b**** on stage. Wow.”

Hill tried to save face, realizing his continuing digs at Big Boi had to be the reason for the negative shout-out.

“I’m guessing this is about my tweet. I actually was just clowning my homie bc we had a debate about which Outkast member was better. @bigboi,” added Hill.

He continued with, “I see how that tweet sounded and I get I was wrong for that. But that stage s**t was still OD, my kid there or not. @BigBoi.”

Hill concluded by saying he had bigger issues to handle, but did try to clean it up saying that Outkast is his favorite group.

Maybe Big Boi took things a touch too far but Hill had to realize that the Outkast rapper is an active social media user and word of his jabs was going to reach him sooner or later.

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